The Blindfold Experience

The Blindfold Experience

This post contains the erotic story of a date I had, not so long ago.

The Beginning

I was on the train on my way to London, where I was due to spend the next few days. Halfway there, my phone lit up with a text message – from one of those clients that makes you smile as soon as you see his name on your screen, before you have even opened the message.
Once I opened it, my smile widened into a grin, and I glanced up furtively to make sure no one in the carriage had noticed… not that they could ever have known what I smiling at, of course.

I had received a invitation to spend the evening with him later that week, on my last night in the capital. We had met once before, and enjoyed a beautiful night together; sharing stories about ourselves, finding that we had similar sexual proclivities (and indulging in them at length), and taking in some fresh air and city views on the top floor hotel balcony. Our schedules kept mismatching over the next few months as we tried to arrange another date, but at last, my luck was in. He confirmed the time for our second date and paid in full – so far, so smooth.
Until a little while later, when, with the train approaching the outskirts of London, I got another message that sent my excitement into overdrive: he asked whether I would like to try being blindfolded, as I’d told him that was something I had never experienced before. I responded with poorly contained enthusiasm, we agreed on our boundaries, and the plan was set.

The Middle

Arriving at a hotel on the edge of London, on a sunny evening later that week, I walked past the reception desk and headed straight up to his room. I was dressed as requested, in leggings and a crop top, with my favourite trainers. I knocked softly on the door. He opened it and stood back, as I entered the room with my head bowed… neither of us spoke, and as agreed, I sat on the edge of the bed with my eyes closed.

A few long minutes passed before he approached me. I could hear him moving around me and placing items on the desk, eagerly trying to assess every sound I could hear. It was almost impossible to resist opening my eyes for a peek, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.
Finally, he slipped a silky blindfold over my head until it covered my eyes, and carefully adjusted the elastic holding it in place above my ears.

“The safe word is… Butterfly.”

I acknowledged the magic word, and he promised that he wasn’t planning to do anything painful, but would remove the blindfold as soon as I said it.

Then he began to run his soft fingertips over my body. It felt incredible, my skin tingling with heightened sensitivity because I couldn’t see. From that moment on I fell into a blissful, almost trance-like state. Over the next couple of hours, he teased me from head to toe, with his fingers, his hands, his mouth… Pausing occasionally to remove an item of my clothing, he continued teasing and undressing me until I was totally naked, except for the blindfold.
He then picked up (what I soon discovered to be) a small butt plug from the table, and rubbed its cold, smooth metal on my skin, to warn me of what was coming next. We had agreed on this in advance, but I was still overcome with nervous excitement. After carefully rubbing lube on me with his fingers, he instructed me to keep breathing deeply, as he slowly and gently pushed it inside. Gasping in pleasure, I rolled my hips around and thrust them in the air as I took in the intensity of the sensation. Finally his tongue brought me to an incredible climax, my body going wild from being stimulated in so many wonderful ways.

The End

I lay back on the bed and slowly caught my breath. He came and kissed me on the forehead, and told me that he was leaving,  while my eyes were still covered; that he had left some drinks for me on the side, and the hotel room was mine to use for the rest of the night. I could barely utter a reply, but I thanked him for the incredible experience he had created for me, and he quietly left.

I lay there for a while longer basking in the after-sex glow, before standing up and gingerly removing the blindfold.  It was fully dark by now, but the dim bedroom light still made me recoil in shock as it flooded into my eyes. Bending over in front over the mirror and pulling my ass cheeks apart, I saw a beautiful, round, rainbow coloured crystal glinting back at me from between them.

Naturally, I kept it, and that butt plug is now one of the most treasured toys in my collection 🌈

Here’s to trying new things… 🦋

Summer Dahlia 🧡 xxx

I’m a first time client, and I’m feeling very nervous…

I’m a first time client, and I’m feeling very nervous…

 This is a post for the first-timers out there: gentlemen (or ladies!) who are new to seeing escorts and may be feeling nervous, or unsure of what the booking procedure and the date itself will be like. You may be someone with very limited experience of sex with a partner, or you may have had lots of partners and relationships, and be confident in the bedroom, but brand new to seeing sex workers.
Either way, you have probably been thinking about it for a while now, looking at the websites of service providers that pique your interest, maybe even talking to friends for advice… and the time has come to dive into the deep end!

Read on for advice on and tips about how to make sure this will be a great experience for you, and for your escort too.

Who should I see?

Probably the most important aspect of planning a great date, is making sure you choose the right escort for you. There are a few different ways to procure the services of a sex worker, from visiting a brothel or massage parlour; or booking an agency escort by calling up an agency; to contacting an independent escort via a directory, social media, or better still, their own website.

Booking an independent escort through their own website will give you a much greater degree of control and personalisation over your experience than any other option. With any professional independent escort, you can clearly see their personality and style shine through from the way they present themselves online, and get a good idea of whether you will feel happy and relaxed spending time alone with them. Also, you know that they themselves have chosen to offer the service(s) described on their site, because they want to – you don’t have to worry about asking “do you really offer X?” or “do you really enjoy Y?” – we are in charge of what we do, and the services we advertise are generally accurate.

And how do you know which services are right for you? There are many different services available from many different escorts, which are sometimes referred to by a confusing array of acronyms! Amongst others, these include GFE (Girlfriend Experience) and PSE (Pornstar Experience) as well as other services such as massage, kink and fetish services, and services that aren’t directly sexual such as cuddling and dinner dates. Most dinner dates do lead to sex afterwards though – it’s an urban myth that some escorts only ever have dinner with their clients. We share much naughtier things than dessert…

As you can imagine, not every date involves strictly one of the services listed, and many will be a combination of two (or more). Choose a provider that specialises in the primary service you are looking for. For those that are new to this, and want to experience the sweetness and excitement of that boy-meets-girl feeling, including kissing, oral sex, and penetration, as well as lots of attention, laughs, and flirty conversation – the Girlfriend Experience is definitely what you are looking for.

How do I book?

So now you’ve carefully chosen your desired service provider… what next? Make sure you read through their website thoroughly before contacting them to book. This will provide information about how they prefer to be contacted (usually phone, text, email, or a contact form).
When making contact to arrange a date with them, be sure to include the details, such as the day, time, location, and your phone number – or else you will not be prioritised amongst the many other inquiries in their inbox. Also take this opportunity to ask any further questions you have about your escort, their service, or the date you are planning – but make sure you don’t ask any questions that are already answered elsewhere on her site, as it won’t make a good first impression.

When you contact me to request a booking (ideally via my contact form or email address) I will respond as quickly as possible – usually the same day or next day – to let you know that I am available, or suggest an alternative day/time if I am not. Once we have agreed on our date, I will send you the instructions for making the deposit, and once I have received that, I will send you the address and parking information for the venue where we will meet, if you are visiting me for an incall; and ask you to send me the hotel or home address I will be attending for an outcall.
Finally, I will specify the time I would like you to send me a confirmation text/whatsapp message, usually either the day before or the morning of our date. And you’re all set!

What do I need to do to prepare? Should I bring anything with me?

To put it bluntly, all you need to do is have a good scrub and turn up. The importance of personal hygiene cannot be overstated here. Make sure you are fresh from head to toe right before meeting your escort. She will be sure to notice the effort you have put in for her, and the session will get off to a wonderful start.
You don’t need to bring anything with you – apart from the appropriate fee and a smile! We will provide everything required; things like condoms, lube, and clean towels. If you have a particular preference with condoms (eg due to a latex allergy), make your escort aware of this well before the booking so she can provide them. Most escorts do not encourage clients to arrive with their own condoms.

Now that you have got a plan in place with your gorgeous date, you can just relax and enjoy the anticipation. Providing sexual services as an independent escort is totally legal in the UK, so neither you nor I will be breaking the law in any way. Even so, there are still many negative portrayals of sex workers in the media, but now you have made plans personally with an independent escort, you can push those stereotypes aside, to focus on the exciting, unique, and charming individual you are about to share a very intimate experience with.

What will happen during the booking?

So they day has finally arrived, and you have sent your confirmation text as requested, washed behind your ears, and arrived on her doorstep at exactly the right time… what happens on the other side of that door?

If you are nervous and would like to chat first, or simply prefer to pace yourself rather than tearing clothes off straight away, then we can sit together and share a drink and a conversation to get to know each other. In a hotel, we can meet at the bar before going up to your room, and in a house or apartment we can get cosy on the couch before heading to the bedroom.
If you are coming for an incall, I will then offer you a shower, and if you have just showered, I will invite you to wash your hands. When I’m coming for an outcall, please ensure there is a clean towel waiting for me to do the same.

And everything that happens after that, shall remain between us…

Do we have to do penetration?

Of course not. There are many different aspects of sex other than this, and we don’t have to be engaging in sexual activities for all (or any) of the booking time.
If you are a virgin, or you are hoping to increase your experience or skill level in the bedroom, seeing escorts is a sensible and healthy way to do this. You can use your experiences with escorts to take control of your sexuality, and build up your confidence by creating the sex life you desire, rather than waiting for your ideal partners to fall into your lap… because usually, they don’t!

You can ask also your escort to answer questions you have about sex, and the bodies of the opposite gender, as well as to give you tips or feedback to improve your performance. There are many ways that a date with us can be an enriching experience, beyond just putting a football in a goal, so to speak…

Now that you are armed with all the information needed to pop your escort cherry, go on and write that booking email, and I dare you to send it 😉

A kiss on the lips…

Summer Dahlia 🧡 xxx

Spring 2023: Tour Dates for March, April & May

Spring 2023: Tour Dates for March, April & May

2023 has got off to a flying start – sometimes life can feel like it rushes past you quicker than you would like it to, and the first two months of 2023 has definitely flown past me before I’ve had time to catch my breath – I can’t believe we’re in March already, and I am really looking forward to the Spring 2023 tour dates I have planned for the next couple of months.

Before I get to my travel plans, I want to send out a big thank you💋to some of my favourite existing clients, and also some new clients, because you all showed me a huge amount of patience and understanding when I unexpectedly had to take time off in January, due to family responsibilities. You guys make me feel valued and appreciated to the maximum, and I hope that when you’re on a date with me, the way I treat you makes you feel exactly the same 🥰

Now on to my spring time plans: they are short and sweet, as Spring 2023 will see me mostly based in the West Midlands. I will be touring more in the summer, but if you can’t wait that long for me to visit your area… remember that I am available overnight bookings across the UK. Below are the tour dates I have planned for March, April, and May.

Spring 2023 Tour Dates:

London Sunday 16th April
London Monday 17th April
London Tuesday 18th April

London Sunday 14th May
London Monday 15th May
London Tuesday 16th May
London Wednesday 17th May

In between these dates you can meet me in Birmingham, where I would love to visit you for an outcall to your home or hotel, or host you for an incall at a lovely apartment in Birmingham city centre. To make an inquiry, or to book a GFE date with me, please go to

I can’t wait to plan a date with you 🧡

Summer Dahlia x

Tour Locations: Spring 2022

Tour Locations: Spring 2022

This post is short and sweet! Simply a list of the locations I will be visiting during March, April and May 2022.
To request a booking, please fill out the contact form to be found at
I am available for outcalls across the West Midlands outside of these dates, and overnight bookings nationwide.
Looking forward to meet you in your city 🧡



Central London 21st-24th February:
Monday 21st Feb
Tuesday 22nd Feb
Wednesday 23rd Feb
Thursday 24th Feb

Birmingham 28th Feb-7th March:
Monday 28th Feb
Tuesday 1st March
Monday 7th March

Cheltenham (Gold Cup):
Wed 16th March
Thurs 17th March
Fri 18th March – fully booked

Birmingham 22nd-29th March:
Tues 22nd March
Weds 23rd March
Thurs 24th March
Sun 27th March
Mon 28th March
Tues 29th March

London 1st-4th April:
Fri 1st April
Sat 2nd April
Sun 3rd Apil
Mon 4th April

Birmingham 11th-29th April:
Mon 18th April
Tues 19th April
Weds 20th Apil
Thurs 21st April
Fri 22nd April
Mon 25th April
Tues 26th April
Weds 27th Apil
Thurs 28th April
Fri 29th April

Cardiff 9th-12th May:
Monday 9th May
Tuesday 10th May
Wednesday 11th May
Thursday 12th May


Tours: January, February and March 2022

Tours: January, February and March 2022

These are the dates that I will be available in different UK cities, during the first quarter of 2022. I am available for incall and outcall at all these tour locations (unless stated otherwise). I am based in the West Midlands when I’m not on tour, so I am available for outcalls in the West Midlands outside of the dates listed below, with at least one day’s notice. Fill out my contact form to book for one of my tour locations or an outcall outside of these dates. The first couple of weeks in January has been a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to what the rest of this year holds, and I hope you are too 🧡

Central London 27th-29th January:
Thursday 27th Jan – 1500-0300
Friday 28th Jan – fully booked
Saturday 29th Jan – fully booked

Sunday 30th Jan – fully booked
Monday 31st Jan
Tuesday 1st Feb

Birmingham 11th-15th February:
Friday 11th Feb
Saturday 12th Feb
Sunday 13th Feb
Monday 14th Feb
Tuesday 15th Feb

Central London 21st-24th February:
Monday 21st Feb
Tuesday 22nd Feb
Wednesday 23rd Feb
Thursday 24th Feb

Cheltenham (Races):
Wed 16th March
Thurs 17th March
Fri 18th March

Threesomes… ♥+♥+♥

Threesomes… ♥+♥+♥

 This is a post for anybody who is interested in a steamy sex session… involving three people! Threesomes are near the top of my list when it comes to favourite activities. If you have indulged before, they are probably one of your favourites too, you naughty devil. And if you haven’t yet had this unique pleasure, I would be the perfect lady to guide you in your first experience. I would strongly advise anybody to have their first threesome with a professional escort, (such as myself), because many people are shy and feel awkward their first time, and if everybody involved feels awkward and unsure of themselves, it will be hard for you all to relax! On the other hand, with somebody who has experience and confidence in the bedroom, it is easy to leave your hang-ups at the door and get the sexy juice flowing from the start.

But, I hear you ask… who is going to be the third person??! Well, that is a very good question. Naturally, that is something we will discuss and agree on. As a bisexual lady, I am happy for another female to join us (FFM, or even FFF) or for another man to join us (MMF).
If you would like me to arrange for one of my sexy girlfriends to join us, that can be arranged, and any of my fees will be doubled. I can also arrange for a hot male escort to join us, and again the fee will be double the relevant figure on my rates page.

If you would like for a friend of yours to join us, this can also be arranged. For Male/Female couples where I will be the second female, (also known as a unicorn), I will charge my normal rate plus £100 – regardless of booking length. I will want to speak to both of you prior to confirming the booking, even if it is a present from one to the other.
If you are two men and would like for me to be the F in your MMF fantasy, I am up for this too! But, I will want to have had an individual booking first from at least one of you. MMF bookings will be double my usual rate.

So, there is some food for thought. Message me through the contact form if you have any inquiries.