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about myself

Hi, I’m Summer.

I’m a calm, collected, and friendly English escort in my mid 20s. Based in Birmingham (UK), I love to travel and often visit London, Glasgow, and few of my other favourite cities.


My appearance…

Small and petite at 5’2, I have a slim and toned size 8 figure, (Stats in the gifts section),  which I look after well – you will find me in the gym or yoga studio every day.

I have a few small and discrete tattoos and piercings. I make sure my nails, skin, teeth, hair and makeup are always done to perfection, and complete the look with fire lingerie and killer heels.

I’ve never had cosmetic procedures of any kind, and I would describe my style and appearance as a more natural beauty look…  But don’t be fooled by my feminine features, I’m definitely not your shy and innocent girl-next door type! You will find me confident, articulate and expressive both inside and outside the bedroom. 

What makes me tick…

Learning about sexuality is one of my main passions in life, and one of the things that drew me to my occupation as a professional girlfriend. Every new encounter is a chance to learn something about your lover, and about yourself; even if that is just how to allow yourself to let go and fall deeper into the moment you’re presented with. Sex is a huge part of a person’s identity, and deciding to start a new chapter where I am mindful and adventurous in my sex life has made me feel so happy and fulfilled. If you book a date with me then expect to hear all about my journey, I love to talk about it, and want to hear about yours too. 


So you’ve come here because I am an escort, companion, playmate, courtesan, heaux… however you would like to name us. But what else is there to me?

There are many things about my life, my character, and my varied and specific interests that I won’t detail here, as I prefer to share them only with those that I am invested in a face-to-face relationship with. But I can tell you enough for you to know whether you would like to get to know me more…

I am a laid back hippie chick who always tries to see the bright side of life. I love the outdoors, you will find me at the beach or a music festival more often than at the opera. That said, I love live music of (almost) all kinds – Hip Hop, Grime, Drum n Bass, House, Garage, RnB, Soul, Motown, Rock n Roll… I could go on. I thrive off the fast pace  and high energy of living in the city, and always look forward to putting my dress and heels on for a night out.

On a healthier note, I also love hiking, yoga, and reading to unwind. My favourite writers include Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, George Orwell, Mark Lynas, and Paulo Coelho. 

Born and bred in England, (the South West), I have an MA from a Russell Group university. I love to learn, and one of my goals is to become fluent in another language. Aside from English, I speak conversational French and am beginning to learn Spanish. Wish me luck!

about my service

Right from the start of our session I will have you feeling at ease, whether we first meet in a restaurant, your hotel room, or your home. I want you to feel deeply relaxed, so we can build a sexual connection together that you will enjoy with your mind and body, and savour the thought of after I have left.
I want to explore your sensual side, and know how to satisfy you, so that I can always make you feel great when you are with me. I offer a true Girlfriend Experience.
And what do I mean by that? Girlfriend experience (to me) isn’t a checklist of activities that we will or won’t be performing on each other, but more the type of connection that we have. I have ongoing and intimate relationships with most of my clients, and I like for us to build up knowledge and trust of each other so the relationship feels and is natural. Regardless of how we meet, we are both humans wanting to make the most of our precious time on this earth, and I want to share that with men who reflect my positive, loving, and adventurous attitude.

Types of dates I offer…

A date with me is the ultimate, intimate, luxurious GFE. There is no charging extras for adding on this or that, if there is an experience I am wanting to share with you, I will do, and if I don’t want to, I won’t. Sex is usually something I like to take my time over, so I prefer longer meetings, from romantic dinner dates, to cosy nights spent together, and beyond. However, I am here to provide the perfect experience for you just as you’ve imagined it, so if you are someone who chooses to book for one hour, I will (literally) bend over backwards to make it the best hour you could wish for…

Tantric Massage

I have recently been learning about tantra and I’m also offering tantric massage sessions. More about them here…

Duos, threesomes, and female clients…
I love threesomes, so if you also enjoy them, or would like to treat yourself to one for the first time, I would be more than happy for another man or woman to join us. I am also very happy to see solo female clients. For more information on client requirements and booking procedures, please read the FAQs post stickied to the top of my blog section.

Fill out my contact form to arrange a booking. If you are wanting to indulge yourself in the company of a sharp, confident, and sexy young lady, then I am just what you’re looking for.

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”

Marilyn Monroe