Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated. If you would like to be so generous as to gift me something special, here are a couple of suggestions.



Lingerie is my true addiction, and and I would love to dress up for you in an outfit of your choice.  My sizes are as follows:

Dress: 10

Bra: 34c

Suspender Belt: S

Panties: 10

Shoes: 5



A beautiful perfume always makes a perfect gift. Any fragrance by Chanel will be sure to put a smile on my face 


Gift cards

To send over e-mail, a gift card for Sainsbury’s, ASOS, or the Body Shop, would be a really sweet and thoughtful gift. Gift cards are also an option for paying deposits.



This is another option for paying deposits. And of course, for anybody who is feeling kind, or who wants to show me they are thinking of me, even if they are not able to meet right now My cashtag is available on request… drop me a line to ask for it x