Autumn 2023: Tour Dates for September, October and November

Autumn 2023: Tour Dates for September, October and November

Summer 2023 has been absolutely blazing hot for me, but no thanks to the weather! I have had some of my favourite gents light a fire in me with really incredible dates I’ve been treated to, so a big kiss thank you🧡 Highlights have been a stunning Michelin * restaurant or two, my first (but certainly not last) trip to Glasgow, and my first duo date with the stunning Sienna Hadid… something I had lusted after for a long time, ever since I first laid eyes on her amazing curves at the Indie Collective’s annual spa retreat last year!

Autumn 2023 promises to be every bit as exhilarating as the summer, but my schedule will be a little different to usual. I won’t be touring again until the end of November, due to civvy work responsibilities that are keeping me in Midlands for the next few weeks.

Don’t worry though, I will still find the time to misbehave. I will be available for incalls in central Birmingham, and outcalls across the West Midlands. Whether I’m on tour or not,  I’m always happy to join you for a date in London, or indeed anywhere in England or Wales, but please be advised for dates anywhere more than 2 hours travel time from Birmingham, a 4 hour minimum booking length will apply.

From the end of November, I will be touring again, visiting my favourite destinations including London and Glasgow. Check back soon for more details on tour dates… or hit me up when you are passing through Birmingham!

 To make an inquiry, or to book a GFE date with me, please go to



I’m looking forward to flirty, fun and fabulous dates with you🧡

Summer Dahlia x

Reflections of an Independent Escort

Reflections of an Independent Escort

The start of September always seems like a natural time for reflection, goal setting, and what I like to think of as a ‘mental spring clean’. So I felt like sharing some thoughts on my experience so far as an independent Birmingham escort.


What a blast it’s been

To put it simply, the journey (so far) has been incredible. Deciding to become a GFE provider has brought so many blessings into my life, that it’s hard to count them all. I’ve met some wonderful people that have showed me nothing but warmth and affection. I’ve had some intense and exciting sexual experiences that dazzled me, and taught me a lot about my own sexuality. I’ve been treated to nights of luxury in some of the country’s best hotels and restaurants, that will remain treasured memories for years to come. I’ve met some very successful, intelligent, and inspiring men, that make me feel valued and teach me things that have enriched all areas of my life.
Every person that enters any form of sex work must have nerves, misgivings or apprehension when they make the decision to do so, not knowing what lies in front of them. Sometimes in life, you just can’t know if a choice is the right one until you until you take it and see how things work out. And the brilliant time I’ve had since becoming an escort has shown me that it was definitely the right decision for me – one of the best I’ve ever made!


Fears, assumptions, and misconceptions

Before we actually have any personal experience of the sex industry, as a client or as a provider, many of us fancy some very vivid notions of what it may be like; based on films, TV and music. And I’m certainly no exception. So here are some of my fears, assumptions, and misconceptions about escorting that I’m very happy to have been proved wrong about.


1. It’s all about late nights – This might seem like a strange one, but it surprised me initially that many of my dates take place during the daytime. Although I’m a night owl, and don’t mind staying up far beyond a sensible bedtime, it’s nice to have a varied schedule and also enjoy dates during daylight hours.

2. Clients just want you to ‘play a part’ – I did have minor concerns, that many clients would be hoping for a delicate and agreeable nymph more than a real-life girlfriend connection. That they would be happiest if you just turn up looking pretty, and then spend the booking duration smiling sweetly and keeping your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Although I do find it a turn on to be ‘objectified’ in a sexual manner, I was uneasy with the idea of acting like a cute little ‘doll’. As it turns out though, most men are complex, interesting and thoughtful individuals, who are stimulated by the same. During my bookings, I don’t ‘play a part’, I just play myself – only my best, hottest, sexiest self.

3. You lose interest in sex – You know that saying, that if you work in a chip shop, you never want to come home to chips for tea. I have a high sex drive and sex is my chosen vice, so you can imagine my worry that by having a more active sex life than I had done previously, it may affect my desire. The worry was not completely unfounded, as since becoming an escort, my sex drive definitely has been affected – but in a very positive way! Sharing wild sexual encounters with strangers (that quickly become friends) is a very addictive kind of thrill. It has increased my (already quite high) level of confidence in the bedroom, and has increased my skill level too of course – so now I look forward to sexual encounters even more than I did before; feeling relaxed in the knowledge that I have the physical and also the verbal/communication techniques necessary, to make it a great experience for my date, and also for myself. I have realised that a love of sex is a passion you can nurture like any other, and I am always trying to learn new things about it, whether from books, films, or personal experience.


And some preconceptions that are true!

For balance, I should probably say that some of the glittery ideas I had about my new secret life as a (super high class) escort have turned out to be accurate. Here are some pleasing highlights:


1. You get a taste for the finer things in life – If only the broke university student Summer could have glimpsed into the future, to see herself drinking fine wines, eating (vegan) caviar, and being gifted Chanel and Agent Provocateur… I think she would have become an escort all the sooner! Wonderful treats like these are never expected, but they always so appreciated, and they just bring that extra level of excitement to a date.

2. You get to hang around with super hot girls all the time – Wow, what can I say. As a bisexual who loves a threesome, getting paid to get it on with with my stunning escort friends is almost too good to be true. I have met some really incredible women through escorting, who have become firm friends, including a few who have also become my favoured duo partners. And I must admit, I have one or two secret crushes on escorts I haven’t met yet, but very much hope to. Here’s to manifesting those dates.

3. You live a secret double life – I do enjoy this part, although that’s only because we are fortunate enough in the UK for prostitution to be legal, so my secret is not an incriminating one. Long gone are the days when only drug dealers would have two mobiles, and now lots of people carry two (or more) devices, so fortunately using two phones doesn’t lead to any awkward questions. Nobody bats an eyelid when I get an indecent proposal texted to me on my indecent phone, and then I make my excuses and disappear, to get dressed up to the nines, and make my way to my fancy man’s apartment with a handbag full of condoms and sex toys. Once, I met a friend for a cocktail on the way home from a booking, and when the security guard searched my bag on the way into the bar, he surveyed the contents (including stockings, a vibrator, assorted condoms, lube, and £400 in cash) quietly said “I like your style” and let me enter. My friend was none the wiser about what he’d seen…


Lessons I Have Learned

Aside from in depth knowledge of hotel reservation procedures and Ann Summers product ranges, there is a lot to be learned from being an escort. These are some valuable lessons that I have taken away and applied to other areas in life.

1. To be clear and accurate with your marketing – This may seem really obvious, but giving a clear idea through your marketing of who you are, and what you can (and can’t) offer is central to attracting the type of clients you desire, and those who will appreciate your service. I feel my website must give a good representation of what I am like, as I am lucky enough to have the most wonderful clients who I get on with and have lots in common with. I don’t think this is just a lesson to be applied to marketing efforts, but to many situations in life: know what your desires are, and make sure you express them clearly.

2. To create relationships with trusted and respected colleagues – Although new recruits to any industry will be advised of the importance of networking, it’s a different challenge when you are an independent escort. Unless you actively seek out opportunities to connect with other service providers, you could actually go the duration of your escorting career without meeting another escort. Having trusted peers to share your experiences and exchange advice with, is so important. A couple of months into my escorting career I was very pleased to be admitted to the Indie Collective, a friendly network of independent escorts based throughout England, and with that I gained an incredible group of clever, kind and supportive ladies to share my journey with. Thank you ladies 🧡

3. Not to allow people to push your boundaries – This is really an extension of number 1, to be clear what you can (and can’t) offer. Not every client is for you, the same as you are not for every client, and that’s OK. When people ask you to do things or act in a way they know you normally wouldn’t, you should never acquiesce to their demands, because they usually wouldn’t appreciate it anyway, and you would feel the unease of being outside your comfort zone from that point on. Being assertive while remaining polite and friendly is a indispensable skill to master and apply to all areas of your life, and since becoming an escort, I’ve perfected the art of saying ‘no’ to things I don’t want to do!


Goals and Plans for the Future

So far, my new life as a Girlfriend Experience provider has been a dream. As the secret fantasy girl for my clients, most days will be animated by a flirtatious text exchange, a spicy encounter on a date, or at least a filthy daydream about activities indulged in recently! I’ve also ticked off some sexual bucket list items, including being part of a foursome, being blindfolded, and being gifted a sex toy. All three were even better than I expected, so here are some new wish list items that I would love to be a part of my escorting experience over the coming year.

1. My first single female client – I’m sad to say that I have yet to entertain my first solo female client. I have had FF experiences, but never with in an escort/client context, and this is something I would really love to share with a bi-curious, bisexual or lesbian woman. Single ladies… put your hands up!

2. My first MMF threesome – I’m not sad to say that I’ve yet to entertain my first MMF threesome, but it is something I would love to experience at least once in this life! If you would too, let me know. Don’t be shy, come and email it quietly into my ear…
3. My first FMTY – So far, invitations to visit to clients, as well as my own tour plans, have seen me travelling to nearly every corner of the UK. And after spending two years stuck at home with my laptop and house plants, the sense of adventure this brings couldn’t be more welcome. Until now though, I have not been on a FMTY(or TMTY – these stand for Fly Me To You or Train Me To You) date to travel abroad to and meet a client in a foreign land, and that is something I would love to happen over the year to come.


Thank you to all of those who have been a party of the story so far and made it special for me – I hope you have as many amazing memories as I do.


Summer Dahlia 🧡xxx



















Dream Dates in London

Dream Dates in London

This is a post giving suggestions about dates I would love to go on in London. Although I am not a permanently London based escort, I’m not far away – and even when I’m not touring in London, I’m happy to travel to the city any time, to join you for a date of 4 hours or longer. Working out how to please a woman isn’t always the easiest task, but I like to remove all the guesswork… so if you want to arrange a date with me that we are both guaranteed to enjoy, pick your favourite item from this list, and email me to ask my availability. I’m excited already x


1. A trip to the Sky Garden (Fenchurch St)


A trip to London’s highest public garden has been on my desire list for the longest time. I’ve actually booked it twice already for a solo afternoon walk, but cancelled both times when other plans came up. If you are a plant lover like me, I would love to share the experience with you instead. It’s open until 6pm during the week, or 9pm on weekends, and there are several restaurants and bars at the top that stay open until late.


2. Sharing dessert and shisha on the Edgware Road at midnight (Hyde Park)


Edgware Road is home to incredible array of Middle Eastern restaurants, shisha lounges and dessert parlours, that are a hive of late night activity in the middle of Westminster. 

If you don’t care for shisha, instead we can share some falafel, baklava, ice cream, and Turkish coffee. The relaxed late night atmosphere and colourful decor will have us feeling like we are on holiday abroad.


3. The Greatest night of the Jazz Age (Earl’s Court)


This immersive dinner and show experience has attracted rave reviews, and looks like an  evening sure to impress! Inspired by a 1930s new York speakeasy, guests are invited to dress up to attend, and are treated to a live jazz band, performing showgirls, a three course dinner, and prohibition style cocktails. This show will only run until 30th September 2023, so book it up soon.


4. A night at the strip club (all over London)


Because I’m bisexual, and I love striptease. You can enjoy the pole dance shows on stage, or treat yourself to a private lap dance. I will be doing both.


5. A Burlesque Show (various locations)


Similar to a night at the strip club, this would be a wild evening of cocktails and exotic dancers, but with a vintage theme. Burlesque shows generally take the form of a cabaret performance including striptease, music, comedy, and fabulous outfits. Popular London burlesque shows include Gin House Burlesque (Shoreditch), Proud Cabaret (Fenchurch St), and the Windmill (Soho).


6. A Dance Class (various locations)


Instead of going to watch other people dance, we could always take a dance class together. This is an amazing way to build up chemistry and tension between us without feeling rushed. We could go to a group class if you are feeling brave, or book a private lesson for a bit more privacy. If we do great dancing together, it will get a whole lot of passion flowing between us – and if we don’t get the steps down perfectly, it will give us a whole lot to laugh about afterwards! I love to try different dance styles, but two classes that have particularly caught my eye are Kizomba (Brixton), and swing dance (Hammersmith/Balham).


7. A Tantric Massage (various locations)


I’ve started learning about tantra this year, and it’s something I am keen to experience more of and learn more about. It is a deep and complex topic, but in essence tantra is an ancient Eastern practice involving the use of mindfulness, breathwork, massage, and sex, to achieve spiritual awakening, understanding of yourself, and connection with others. If you would like to share a tantric experience with me, we can look together to find the best practitioner for us.


8. Share a Luxurious Roman Bath (Covent Garden)


This one would also involve being (almost) naked together and indulging in a relaxing, therapeutic activity. AIRE offer a Roman inspired spa experience including lots of different treatment rooms, steam rooms, and baths at different temperatures, in a beautiful old building lit by candlelight. They also offer massages and sensory experiences.


9. Dinner at a great restaurant (so many to choose from)


Maybe this should have been number one… A very simple but highly effective choice for a date. It’s  so easy to chat, relax, and exchange lots of flirty glances across the table, in the warm and welcoming environment of a nice restaurant. You may have noticed that several of my date suggestions involve nudity or sexual themes, but we don’t have to get up to anything debauched to have a wonderful evening together. I love trying different foods from all over the world, so go ahead and pick your favourite dinner spot for us. If you find it hard to choose, some restaurants I’ve not been to but would love to try, include Mildreds (Soho), one of the UK’s most famous vegetarian restaurants; Bob Bob Ricard (Soho) a very stylish French restaurant and Champagne bar; and Turnips (Borough Market), a fine dining restaurant focussing on seasonal produce.


And now you are armed with all the info you could ever need to sweep me off my feet! So if you live in London, or you are visiting soon, make sure to find a few hours for us to enjoy a wild and wonderful day (or night) together.

Summer Dahlia 🧡 xxx


Summer 2023: Tour Dates for June, July & August

Summer 2023: Tour Dates for June, July & August

Spring 2023 has been an absolute blast. I have been blessed with some incredible experiences, including my first (very wild!) foursome; learning about tantric massage with the help of a (very close) friend or two; and indulging in delicious food and zesty wines at some incredible restaurants.

And my luck just keeps getting better, and better. Having beautiful weather over the last couple of weeks to usher in the start of summer, and some exciting dates reserved in my diary with a few favourite boyfriends, Summer 2023 is already a scorcher 🔥
I will be travelling to a few locations this season, so book now to avoid disappointment when I’m in your city.

Below are my tour dates and locations for June, July and August 2023:

London Saturday 10th June
London Sunday 11th June
London Monday 12th June
London Tuesday 13th June

Cardiff Sunday 2nd July
Cardiff Monday 3rd July
Cardiff Tuesday 4th July
Cardiff Wednesday 5th July

London Saturday 15th July
London Sunday 16th July
London Monday 17th July

London Wednesday 26th July
London Thursday 27th July

Manchester Thursday 10th August
Manchester Friday 11th August
Manchester Saturday 12th August

Glasgow Wednesday 23rd August
Glasgow Thursday 24th August
Glasgow Friday 25th August


I am based in the West Midlands. In between these dates you can meet me in Birmingham, where I would love to visit you for an outcall to your home or hotel, or host you for an incall at a lovely apartment in Birmingham city centre. To make an inquiry, or to book a GFE date with me, please go to



I’m looking forward to flirty, fun and fabulous dates with you🧡

Summer Dahlia x

The Blindfold Experience

The Blindfold Experience

This post contains the erotic story of a date I had, not so long ago.

The Beginning

I was on the train on my way to London, where I was due to spend the next few days. Halfway there, my phone lit up with a text message – from one of those clients that makes you smile as soon as you see his name on your screen, before you have even opened the message.
Once I opened it, my smile widened into a grin, and I glanced up furtively to make sure no one in the carriage had noticed… not that they could ever have known what I smiling at, of course.

I had received a invitation to spend the evening with him later that week, on my last night in the capital. We had met once before, and enjoyed a beautiful night together; sharing stories about ourselves, finding that we had similar sexual proclivities (and indulging in them at length), and taking in some fresh air and city views on the top floor hotel balcony. Our schedules kept mismatching over the next few months as we tried to arrange another date, but at last, my luck was in. He confirmed the time for our second date and paid in full – so far, so smooth.
Until a little while later, when, with the train approaching the outskirts of London, I got another message that sent my excitement into overdrive: he asked whether I would like to try being blindfolded, as I’d told him that was something I had never experienced before. I responded with poorly contained enthusiasm, we agreed on our boundaries, and the plan was set.

The Middle

Arriving at a hotel on the edge of London, on a sunny evening later that week, I walked past the reception desk and headed straight up to his room. I was dressed as requested, in leggings and a crop top, with my favourite trainers. I knocked softly on the door. He opened it and stood back, as I entered the room with my head bowed… neither of us spoke, and as agreed, I sat on the edge of the bed with my eyes closed.

A few long minutes passed before he approached me. I could hear him moving around me and placing items on the desk, eagerly trying to assess every sound I could hear. It was almost impossible to resist opening my eyes for a peek, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.
Finally, he slipped a silky blindfold over my head until it covered my eyes, and carefully adjusted the elastic holding it in place above my ears.

“The safe word is… Butterfly.”

I acknowledged the magic word, and he promised that he wasn’t planning to do anything painful, but would remove the blindfold as soon as I said it.

Then he began to run his soft fingertips over my body. It felt incredible, my skin tingling with heightened sensitivity because I couldn’t see. From that moment on I fell into a blissful, almost trance-like state. Over the next couple of hours, he teased me from head to toe, with his fingers, his hands, his mouth… Pausing occasionally to remove an item of my clothing, he continued teasing and undressing me until I was totally naked, except for the blindfold.
He then picked up (what I soon discovered to be) a small butt plug from the table, and rubbed its cold, smooth metal on my skin, to warn me of what was coming next. We had agreed on this in advance, but I was still overcome with nervous excitement. After carefully rubbing lube on me with his fingers, he instructed me to keep breathing deeply, as he slowly and gently pushed it inside. Gasping in pleasure, I rolled my hips around and thrust them in the air as I took in the intensity of the sensation. Finally his tongue brought me to an incredible climax, my body going wild from being stimulated in so many wonderful ways.

The End

I lay back on the bed and slowly caught my breath. He came and kissed me on the forehead, and told me that he was leaving,  while my eyes were still covered; that he had left some drinks for me on the side, and the hotel room was mine to use for the rest of the night. I could barely utter a reply, but I thanked him for the incredible experience he had created for me, and he quietly left.

I lay there for a while longer basking in the after-sex glow, before standing up and gingerly removing the blindfold.  It was fully dark by now, but the dim bedroom light still made me recoil in shock as it flooded into my eyes. Bending over in front over the mirror and pulling my ass cheeks apart, I saw a beautiful, round, rainbow coloured crystal glinting back at me from between them.

Naturally, I kept it, and that butt plug is now one of the most treasured toys in my collection 🌈

Here’s to trying new things… 🦋

Summer Dahlia 🧡 xxx