A Love Letter to Alissa Thorne

03 Feb 2024


This is a post to show some appreciation for my most favourite duo partner, the stunning Alissa Thorne. I have been living the secret life of Summer Dahlia for two years now, and meeting and becoming friends with Alissa is one of the best things that has happened on my journey so far.

She is a stunning, intelligent, and thoughtful young lady, who offers her services as a high class escort and dominatrix from her local East Midlands to outcall locations all over the UK.


Some people instantly catch your eye 

When I started my project of becoming an independent Midlands escort, and giving life to my new persona as Summer, naturally one of the first things I did was look through directories, industry websites, and twitter, to research what types of providers and services were already out there, particularly in the Midlands; to get some inspiration; and also to learn about standard practices within the industry.

Alissa Thorne immediately stood out to me. She just seemed a cut above the other escorts in my area. The way she had a sleek and well written website, ads on all the (decent) directories, and lots of interesting posts on her twitter feed, made her seem professional, exciting, and effortlessly classy.

Plus, her incredible figure really caught my attention! Those of you who know me will be well aware of my weakness for stunning women of all shapes and sizes, but especially for petite pretty girls with long brunette hair.

I was intrigued by the fact that she was exactly the type of sex worker I was trying to become, and also slightly abashed by how keen I was to be close to her and see her in person wearing her beautiful lacy green underwear – but then I remembered, it’s actually OK to have those lustful thoughts about escorts you’ve seen on the internet. And so, I became an admirer.


A chance to connect

A few months later, once I had begun my career, been on a few tours, enjoyed lots of dates, and was feeling increasingly confident in my new lifestyle as an independent Birmingham escort, an opportunity arose to connect with Alissa. She made a post on twitter reaching out to network with any new Midlands escorts, potentially with a view to offering duos together, and of course, I was the first to respond.
We got to know each other more speaking online and over the phone, agreed that we would like to offer duo bookings together, and discussed what the boundaries and booking procedure would be if such an opportunity were to arise.

And with great excitement, we received our very first duo booking request only a couple of weeks later! We screened our client – who neither of us had met before – and arranged all the necessary details.


Taking it to the next level

The following dark and cold Tuesday evening, we both headed for a fancy hotel suite in central Birmingham, where we were to spend the evening indulging a visiting businessman from America. As I pulled into a space in the multi-storey car park around the corner from the hotel, I saw a well dressed petite brunette getting out of the car opposite me, and despite never having seen her face before, I knew this was Alissa. As I got out of my car, we exchanged a curious glance, nervously said each other’s work names to identify ourselves to each other, and greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hug.
As we walked round to the hotel animated by our conversation, it quickly became apparent we had a huge amount in common; from food tastes and sexual preferences, to life experiences and political views. I felt at ease with her as soon as we met.

Once upstairs, the evening just got better and better. Our charming client greeted us with a Hotel Chocolat selection for each of us, some cold drinks, and a selection of fresh sushi beautifully laid out on the table – all vegan and alcohol free, as both of us had requested. We spent the first couple of hours nibbling sushi and chatting on the sofa, all of us eager to find out all about the other two, since we were all strangers to each other.

By this time, sexual tension had built up in the room to the point it was a palpable distraction, and all three of us moved on to the huge bed in the room next door. Alissa and I first undressed each other, and then turned to our client and undressed him together.

She was every bit as gorgeous in the flesh as she was on my computer screen. Her body was a perfect size 8, beautifully firm and toned, and her curves looked incredible in her sheer black lace lingerie. I felt like a very lucky lady, as we knelt either side of our client, and enjoyed feeling his gaze as we leaned over his lap and met with a soft, sweet and tender kiss…


That date was the first of many we would enjoy together. Since then, we have spent the night in some absolutely stunning hotels all over the country, usually with a keen but helpless gentleman sandwiched in between us! We’ve also shared lots of vegan dinners (and breakfasts), plenty of alcohol free cocktails, and all sorts of more private delights. We’ve also been treated to a couple of girly spa days together along with a group of other independent escorts, after Alissa introduced me to her friends at the Indie Collective and they graciously admitted me to their ranks.


Friendship is a real blessing 

She has been an amazing lover and a great fun work colleague, but also a role model helping me find my way in a daunting new industry, and a great friend, who has listened when I’ve been upset, and laughed when I’ve had a funny or embarrassing story to tell.

Here’s to lots lots more wild and wicked adventures with you ❤️

Kisses all over…

Summer Dahlia xxx

Summer has arrived…

Like most people, summer is undeniably my favourite time of year, which you could probably tell from my name! I love being able to wear dresses and sandals every day, driving in the sunshine with the windows open, and going to concerts and festivals outdoors in the open air. Plus, fresh fruit is one of my favourite things, and I find it just tastes so much sweeter when the weather is warm 🍉

The next 3 months

Having grown impatient waiting for the weather to dry up in England, I’m going to be abroad and unavailable for all of June. I will be back in Brum on 1st July, and I will be in Birmingham for the whole of July. I will also be in Birmingham throughout August apart from a trip to Glasgow from the 18th-22nd August.

During my Glasgow trip I am also available for outcalls to Edinburgh (or anywhere in the region) for outcalls of 3 hours or longer.

As always, when based in Birmingham I am always happy to travel to London or anywhere else in England for outcalls of 4 hours or longer.

I do not have any London tour dates currently scheduled for this summer, but I may be offering incalls in London for a day or two if my schedule allows, in which case these dates may be posted at shorter notice – so keep an eye on my twitter or adultwork listing if this interests you.



June:  Unavailable

July: Birmingham

August 1st – 16th: Birmingham

August 18th-22nd: Glasgow

August 27th-31st: Birmingham



Get in touch to plan an incall, an outcall, a duo, a tantric massage… or something else fun that you have in mind!

I can’t wait to share a sweet and spicy date with you this summer 💋

Summer Dahlia 🧡xxx