Winter 23-24: Tour Dates For December, January and February

01 Dec 2023

The last 3 months

Autumn this year brought a change from my normal schedule of touring once or twice each month, as I had done earlier in the year. Staying mostly in Birmingham since the start of September, my focus has been on vanilla work commitments – but it’s definitely not been all work and no play. I have had some exciting (and unusual) dates across the Midlands, a few short but sweet visits to London for the day (or night), and a little adventure further afield with a four day tour in Glasgow at the end of November.
Less time travelling has been a relaxing change and definitely brought peace and calm – when staying in different places often, it can be harder to maintain your exercise routine, eat healthy food, keep a good sleep routine, and even keep track of all your belongings – things that are much easier at home. Spending more time in stunning Birmingham, I enjoyed some dazzling dates across the city; which included several wonderful restaurants, a lot of ice cubes, and an all night trance rave! Expect another blog post soon with a list of my favourite date night spots in the city.


The next 3 months

I will be staying in the West Midlands for the rest of 2023, and available in Birmingham for incall and outcall dates of any length (starting at a minimum of one hour). For outcalls, I will also travel anywhere in England and Wales for bookings of four hours or more, and Scotland for bookings of six hours or more.
From the 21st December until 1st January, I will be available in Birmingham – for outcalls only. Advance booking would be advised for dates during this period.

I will be in the Midlands for the start of the new year too, touring only once in January, visiting London 15th -18th Jan.

I will not be touring again until April 2024 as I have a busy schedule of events outside of escorting in February and March. So if you would like to find time for us to cosy up together on a GFE date this winter, slide into my inbox before my diary is closed!




Birmingham 1st-20th (incall and outall)
Birmingham 21st-31st (outcall only)


Birmingham 1st-14th
London 15th-18th
Birmingham 19th-31st


Available in Birmingham and outcalls nationwide – advance booking recommended.


To book a GFE date with me, please go to


I look forward to your lovely message🧡

Summer Dahlia x

Summer has arrived…

Like most people, summer is undeniably my favourite time of year, which you could probably tell from my name! I love being able to wear dresses and sandals every day, driving in the sunshine with the windows open, and going to concerts and festivals outdoors in the open air. Plus, fresh fruit is one of my favourite things, and I find it just tastes so much sweeter when the weather is warm 🍉

The next 3 months

Having grown impatient waiting for the weather to dry up in England, I’m going to be abroad and unavailable for all of June. I will be back in Brum on 1st July, and I will be in Birmingham for the whole of July. I will also be in Birmingham throughout August apart from a trip to Glasgow from the 18th-22nd August.

During my Glasgow trip I am also available for outcalls to Edinburgh (or anywhere in the region) for outcalls of 3 hours or longer.

As always, when based in Birmingham I am always happy to travel to London or anywhere else in England for outcalls of 4 hours or longer.

I do not have any London tour dates currently scheduled for this summer, but I may be offering incalls in London for a day or two if my schedule allows, in which case these dates may be posted at shorter notice – so keep an eye on my twitter or adultwork listing if this interests you.



June:  Unavailable

July: Birmingham

August 1st – 16th: Birmingham

August 18th-22nd: Glasgow

August 27th-31st: Birmingham



Get in touch to plan an incall, an outcall, a duo, a tantric massage… or something else fun that you have in mind!

I can’t wait to share a sweet and spicy date with you this summer 💋

Summer Dahlia 🧡xxx