Dream Dates in London

12 Aug 2023

This is a post giving suggestions about dates I would love to go on in London. Although I am not a permanently London based escort, I’m not far away – and even when I’m not touring in London, I’m happy to travel to the city any time, to join you for a date of 4 hours or longer. Working out how to please a woman isn’t always the easiest task, but I like to remove all the guesswork… so if you want to arrange a date with me that we are both guaranteed to enjoy, pick your favourite item from this list, and email me to ask my availability. I’m excited already x


1. A trip to the Sky Garden (Fenchurch St)


A trip to London’s highest public garden has been on my desire list for the longest time. I’ve actually booked it twice already for a solo afternoon walk, but cancelled both times when other plans came up. If you are a plant lover like me, I would love to share the experience with you instead. It’s open until 6pm during the week, or 9pm on weekends, and there are several restaurants and bars at the top that stay open until late.



2. Sharing dessert and shisha on the Edgware Road at midnight (Hyde Park)


Edgware Road is home to incredible array of Middle Eastern restaurants, shisha lounges and dessert parlours, that are a hive of late night activity in the middle of Westminster. 

If you don’t care for shisha, instead we can share some falafel, baklava, ice cream, and Turkish coffee. The relaxed late night atmosphere and colourful decor will have us feeling like we are on holiday abroad.


3. The Greatest night of the Jazz Age (Earl’s Court)


This immersive dinner and show experience has attracted rave reviews, and looks like an  evening sure to impress! Inspired by a 1930s new York speakeasy, guests are invited to dress up to attend, and are treated to a live jazz band, performing showgirls, a three course dinner, and prohibition style cocktails. This show will only run until 30th September 2023, so book it up soon.


4. A night at the strip club (all over London)


Because I’m bisexual, and I love striptease. You can enjoy the pole dance shows on stage, or treat yourself to a private lap dance. I will be doing both.


5. A Burlesque Show (various locations)


Similar to a night at the strip club, this would be a wild evening of cocktails and exotic dancers, but with a vintage theme. Burlesque shows generally take the form of a cabaret performance including striptease, music, comedy, and fabulous outfits. Popular London burlesque shows include Gin House Burlesque (Shoreditch), Proud Cabaret (Fenchurch St), and the Windmill (Soho).





6. A Dance Class (various locations)


Instead of going to watch other people dance, we could always take a dance class together. This is an amazing way to build up chemistry and tension between us without feeling rushed. We could go to a group class if you are feeling brave, or book a private lesson for a bit more privacy. If we do great dancing together, it will get a whole lot of passion flowing between us – and if we don’t get the steps down perfectly, it will give us a whole lot to laugh about afterwards! I love to try different dance styles, but two classes that have particularly caught my eye are Kizomba (Brixton), and swing dance (Hammersmith/Balham).




7. A Tantric Massage (various locations)


I’ve started learning about tantra this year, and it’s something I am keen to experience more of and learn more about. It is a deep and complex topic, but in essence tantra is an ancient Eastern practice involving the use of mindfulness, breathwork, massage, and sex, to achieve spiritual awakening, understanding of yourself, and connection with others. If you would like to share a tantric experience with me, we can look together to find the best practitioner for us.


8. Share a Luxurious Roman Bath (Covent Garden)


This one would also involve being (almost) naked together and indulging in a relaxing, therapeutic activity. AIRE offer a Roman inspired spa experience including lots of different treatment rooms, steam rooms, and baths at different temperatures, in a beautiful old building lit by candlelight. They also offer massages and sensory experiences.


9. Dinner at a great restaurant (so many to choose from)


Maybe this should have been number one… A very simple but highly effective choice for a date. It’s  so easy to chat, relax, and exchange lots of flirty glances across the table, in the warm and welcoming environment of a nice restaurant. You may have noticed that several of my date suggestions involve nudity or sexual themes, but we don’t have to get up to anything debauched to have a wonderful evening together. I love trying different foods from all over the world, so go ahead and pick your favourite dinner spot for us. If you find it hard to choose, some restaurants I’ve not been to but would love to try, include Mildreds (Soho), one of the UK’s most famous vegetarian restaurants; Bob Bob Ricard (Soho) a very stylish French restaurant and Champagne bar; and Turnips (Borough Market), a fine dining restaurant focussing on seasonal produce.




And now you are armed with all the info you could ever need to sweep me off my feet! So if you live in London, or you are visiting soon, make sure to find a few hours for us to enjoy a wild and wonderful day (or night) together.

Summer Dahlia 🧡 xxx