Summer 2023: Tour Dates for June, July & August

05 Jun 2023

Spring 2023 has been an absolute blast. I have been blessed with some incredible experiences, including my first (very wild!) foursome; learning about tantric massage with the help of a (very close) friend or two; and indulging in delicious food and zesty wines at some incredible restaurants.

And my luck just keeps getting better, and better. Having beautiful weather over the last couple of weeks to usher in the start of summer, and some exciting dates reserved in my diary with a few favourite boyfriends, Summer 2023 is already a scorcher 🔥
I will be travelling to a few locations this season, so book now to avoid disappointment when I’m in your city.

Below are my tour dates and locations for June, July and August 2023:

London Saturday 10th June
London Sunday 11th June
London Monday 12th June
London Tuesday 13th June

Cardiff Sunday 2nd July
Cardiff Monday 3rd July
Cardiff Tuesday 4th July
Cardiff Wednesday 5th July

London Saturday 15th July
London Sunday 16th July
London Monday 17th July

London Wednesday 26th July
London Thursday 27th July

Manchester Thursday 10th August
Manchester Friday 11th August
Manchester Saturday 12th August

Glasgow Wednesday 23rd August
Glasgow Thursday 24th August
Glasgow Friday 25th August


I am based in the West Midlands. In between these dates you can meet me in Birmingham, where I would love to visit you for an outcall to your home or hotel, or host you for an incall at a lovely apartment in Birmingham city centre. To make an inquiry, or to book a GFE date with me, please go to



I’m looking forward to flirty, fun and fabulous dates with you🧡

Summer Dahlia x

Join me on a journey into tantra

I’m very excited to finally share with you something that I have been working on for a little while now. From April 2024, I will be offering tantric massage in sessions lasting either 90 minutes or two hours.

This will be a sensual and erotic experience that is mostly passive on your part. It will involve a relaxing and indulgent variety of sensory stimuli that I will guide you in throughout the session, focussing on a hand and body to body to massage, with the possibility of ending with a lingam or yoni massage if you feel desire for it in the moment.


How I discovered the pleasure of tantra

I have wanted to learn about tantra for a long time, and the opportunity seemed perfect when I met a tantric massage teacher around a year ago, who kindly agreed to teach me his techniques. He began our first session by explaining to me some of the background and philosophy behind tantra before performing an incredible massage on me, using his hands, an oil that smelled mysterious and magical, a blindfold to heighten my senses, and some soft and sensual materials to stimulate my skin with touch.

It was a very intense and dizzying experience, unlike anything that had been done to me before. My curiosity was hooked in from that very first session, and over the last months I have been practising how to perform tantric massage on others, with the help of a couple of close friends and agreeable clients.


The intention of Tantric Massage

The aim of tantric massage is to use different types of sensory stimulation to awaken and liberate sexual energy. The awakening of that energy and the pleasure of the experience is used to harmonize mind, body and spirit. During the session, you should feel a strong connection not only between your own mind and body, but also between yourself and the person you are sharing in the experience with. Tantric massage is about soulful connection and enjoyment of all the senses rather than achieving the on-demand orgasm we often think of when defining sexual satisfaction. The idea is to ride the peaks and waves of sexual pleasure without focussing on genital release via penetration and orgasm. The session may or may not include these pleasures, but they are just one part of the journey rather than the destination.


Booking A Tantric Massage

I am currently offering tantric massage sessions in lengths of 90 minutes (at £180) or two hours (at £220).
Massage sessions are available as an incall only so that I can be sure to provide a warm, relaxing and calming space to perform the massage.
A shower will be available for you before and after the massage, and I will be using my own home made massage oil, made from all natural ingredients and infused with essential oils.

Contact me via my contact form to arrange a tantric expereince for us to share, in Birmingham or any of my tour locations. I’m very excited to share a beautiful and erotic experience with you 🧡