The Blindfold Experience

03 May 2023

This post contains the erotic story of a date I had, not so long ago.

The Beginning

I was on the train on my way to London, where I was due to spend the next few days. Halfway there, my phone lit up with a text message – from one of those clients that makes you smile as soon as you see his name on your screen, before you have even opened the message.
Once I opened it, my smile widened into a grin, and I glanced up furtively to make sure no one in the carriage had noticed… not that they could ever have known what I smiling at, of course.

I had received a invitation to spend the evening with him later that week, on my last night in the capital. We had met once before, and enjoyed a beautiful night together; sharing stories about ourselves, finding that we had similar sexual proclivities (and indulging in them at length), and taking in some fresh air and city views on the top floor hotel balcony. Our schedules kept mismatching over the next few months as we tried to arrange another date, but at last, my luck was in. He confirmed the time for our second date and paid in full – so far, so smooth.
Until a little while later, when, with the train approaching the outskirts of London, I got another message that sent my excitement into overdrive: he asked whether I would like to try being blindfolded, as I’d told him that was something I had never experienced before. I responded with poorly contained enthusiasm, we agreed on our boundaries, and the plan was set.

The Middle

Arriving at a hotel on the edge of London, on a sunny evening later that week, I walked past the reception desk and headed straight up to his room. I was dressed as requested, in leggings and a crop top, with my favourite trainers. I knocked softly on the door. He opened it and stood back, as I entered the room with my head bowed… neither of us spoke, and as agreed, I sat on the edge of the bed with my eyes closed.

A few long minutes passed before he approached me. I could hear him moving around me and placing items on the desk, eagerly trying to assess every sound I could hear. It was almost impossible to resist opening my eyes for a peek, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.
Finally, he slipped a silky blindfold over my head until it covered my eyes, and carefully adjusted the elastic holding it in place above my ears.

“The safe word is… Butterfly.”

I acknowledged the magic word, and he promised that he wasn’t planning to do anything painful, but would remove the blindfold as soon as I said it.

Then he began to run his soft fingertips over my body. It felt incredible, my skin tingling with heightened sensitivity because I couldn’t see. From that moment on I fell into a blissful, almost trance-like state. Over the next couple of hours, he teased me from head to toe, with his fingers, his hands, his mouth… Pausing occasionally to remove an item of my clothing, he continued teasing and undressing me until I was totally naked, except for the blindfold.
He then picked up (what I soon discovered to be) a small butt plug from the table, and rubbed its cold, smooth metal on my skin, to warn me of what was coming next. We had agreed on this in advance, but I was still overcome with nervous excitement. After carefully rubbing lube on me with his fingers, he instructed me to keep breathing deeply, as he slowly and gently pushed it inside. Gasping in pleasure, I rolled my hips around and thrust them in the air as I took in the intensity of the sensation. Finally his tongue brought me to an incredible climax, my body going wild from being stimulated in so many wonderful ways.

The End

I lay back on the bed and slowly caught my breath. He came and kissed me on the forehead, and told me that he was leaving,  while my eyes were still covered; that he had left some drinks for me on the side, and the hotel room was mine to use for the rest of the night. I could barely utter a reply, but I thanked him for the incredible experience he had created for me, and he quietly left.

I lay there for a while longer basking in the after-sex glow, before standing up and gingerly removing the blindfold.  It was fully dark by now, but the dim bedroom light still made me recoil in shock as it flooded into my eyes. Bending over in front over the mirror and pulling my ass cheeks apart, I saw a beautiful, round, rainbow coloured crystal glinting back at me from between them.

Naturally, I kept it, and that butt plug is now one of the most treasured toys in my collection 🌈

Here’s to trying new things… 🦋

Summer Dahlia 🧡 xxx